Emily Dickinson once wrote a poem that said  “This is my letter to the world/that never wrote to me”.  (I don’t know the number to it but those are the opening lines)

So here’s my letter to the world. Or more like, my post to the world.  But the world still has never wrote to me –  have you World? No, you never did.  Never told me what you were all about. Never told me what to do.

While not quite as physically isolated as Emily Dickinson, I am currently perhaps just as or more socially isolated as her (for my own various reasons).  That’s admittedly one of the things that really drew me to her poetry – the notion of a mind in solitude wallowing in the thoughts of life, death and everything in between. Instantly I felt some sort of connection, of knowing that I’m not the only one to wallow in deep thought and solitude.

But World, there is just so much I don’t understand. There is much that I don’t know.

Like how to belong.

How do you belong when nearly everyone around you seems so alien to you?  How do you know when to fight the current or go with the current? How you know what is your place? Tell me, World. Tell me, please.

I wish the World could answer all this right now. (I also know I should be careful what I wish for but…) “But what about the journey?” some may say. What journey? I feel like I’m scraping myself against a wall right now.

Soon, I’ll finish university (I’m an English major) but I don’t know what will happen next.  I can’t see anything clearly on the horizon.

World, are you listening? Can you guide me somewhere?  Okay, so I know that you’re busy spinning around your axis at some insane speed while circling around the sun at an even more insane speed which also transverses around the galaxy at another insane speed.  I would wish that you would spot moving so fast but if you did…well, that wouldn’t be pretty and there would be another mass extinction as everything goes flying very, very, insanely quickly and it just wouldn’t be worth it.

So just this is my post to the World. Hello, World. Which World? I have no idea, especially since I’m often not exactly sure if I’m on the current one at times but nonetheless…

This is my blog which I will ramble on about my life, the universe and everything. But not 42. I hate numbers (including 42)….unless it’s a rant on how I hate numbers. Hmm. Maybe I could do that. But I digress, but this blog will probably be all over the map in terms of topics for a while…because while I’m not fond of randomness (once a schedule has been pre-determined, I prefer to stick to it)  but yet I’m a pretty random person myself. Hmm..

So, Hello World, Hello. And Dear World, I’m not sure what I’m doing here.  I’m also  not sure if it was nice to meet you. I don’t like meetings. But I guess it would be nice to know you.