I often prefer to write than speak.

Writing goes me a sort of eloquence, rhythm that never really quite makes it out of my mouth unmutilated.  I can also endlessly revise things until they are just the way I want.

I don’t think speaking is really my language.  It’s clumsy, there’s no backspace.  I’m not the greatest articular and I hate repeating myself. Complicated tales rarely make it out of my mouth in one piece.  For some reason I can never really quite tell what my audio levels are so I end up speaking too loudly or too softly even though it seems fine to me (I can hear fine, just not myself evidently).  I also hate greetings and other stuff like that.

But I don’t think writing is really is either.  So what it is it? It must be that monologue in my head! (Or the motion picture  in my head. Or both.) I like it sometimes. I really do. It’s so poetic.  So much more graceful and elegant than the other sloppy ways of communication. Writing is the closest to it though…except when I get writer’s block.  In that case, everything feels shoved through some sort of extruding shaper – like a play-doh machine or something along those lines.

But aside from that, writing does feel a lot clearer than spoken words.  It feels a lot more elegant than the spoken word for me, more natural.  But I don’t think in written words. I think both visually in moving images and audibly in words – but while the words are mine, they are spoken by my inner voice which is a lot more eloquently than my own!  But writing is a solitary activity.  Speaking isn’t.  I’m a solitary creatures, so writing wins.

Strangely, I’ve never really liked physically writing things – I’ve always preferred typing even though I’m not the greatest typist.  I vaguely remember loving essays because I got to type it out! I do know that I switched to typing almost all homework and assignments at around grade 10. I haven’t looked back since.  This is probably because 1) my writing is not the neatest and I often have trouble reading it and 2) I can’t spell very well.

I know, maybe you’re thinking that hey, you’re a writer – or at least an English major.  You must be good at spelling!  Well, um…no.  I’ve never quite figured out myself but I do know that I was very happy when I finished elementary school and never saw a multiplication or spelling test again! (It could be that I suck at straight memorization…hmm).  But now there’s spell check and it sometimes helps.  Admittedly, I sometimes use spellcheck as a word-completer when I’m really not sure what word I’m looking for but yet I sort of know the word. Being a inaccurate typist doesn’t really help too much with the spelling either…

So there, I’m an English major and a wannabe writer.  And I’m not so great at spelling (relatively) which is sort of odd, really.

But anyway, writing is one of my favourite ways of communication. It’s amazing how words can be so rhythmic, so powerful, so moving and so poetic when they are not coming out of my mouth.