Once there was
unparalleled hope
the feeling that
all my dreams would
come true
back when anything was possible

Right now, everything feels
and everything is wrong
and I’m not good at anything
and impenetrable walls are
and some days I just want to

But I’m still here waiting
for days that will never come,
wishes that will never be,
friends that I will never have and
dreams that refuse to come true
so I dream of the days
back when anything was possible

Everyone tells me that
“everything will be alright”
and I try to believe them but
I just can’t

There are so many things that I
sometimes wish to do, to be
but just can’t fathom it
happening anymore
but it was different, back then
back when anything was possible

And maybe anything is still possible
but it seems broken,
shattered into pieces and lost
so still I walk out into the chilling wind
and let me mind fly away from reality
to a world where anything is still possible