We don’t know, so let’s pretend we do

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So I took my first anthropology course this semester (for a science credit) and am supposed to be writing an essay for it right now. It’s on human origins.

But anyway, what astounds me is how much that we really don’t know and yet we pretend as if we knew….only to have it blown out of the water or at least, highly questioned later. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t learn theories that we don’t know. I’m not saying we shouldn’t try to think about things that we don’t know.

We used to do that. It was called religion. Sorry, but that didn’t work out so well and it was way too easy to avoid questions.  (“God did it” as answer to everything is just too easy).

But it’s the self-righteous attitude that kind of annoys me. Especially if it’s wrong afterwards – then it just looks silly. We are not inherently greater than the researchers than came before us. At their time, some of the now seemingly stupid theories seemed valid and reasonable to them. Just as our theories are (mostly) valid and reasonable to at least some of us. (Then there are probably stupid theories that don’t make it out of peer review…actually, that will be kind of interesting…in some sort of weird way).

Also annoying: all those popular science magazine articles that are mixed in with scientific journals when I tick off that “Limit to articles from scholarly publications, including peer-review” box. I want scholarly science, not popular science!  I never have that problem with arts. Never.

Anyway, I should go back to writing my 10 page paper on climate and human physiological changes. Yay. Oh and by the way I think human ears are crappy – they are ugly and the don’t even work that well!

Only 1 more essay to go….and 3 more exams.

Dreamer? Or Realist?

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As a child, I always thought myself to be the dreamer. Never living in this world, not really. Always imagining, creating stories. You think of a lot of things when you spend time alone. For the most part that’s what I did, although I had a few friends.

It’s been a long time since I was a child. It’s been a long time since I had close friends. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to look through the world with an idealistic lens.

But now I think myself more as a realist. A cynical realist. A fearful realist. One that is afraid to soar too close to the sun, in fear of getting burnt again.

I think I may have a font obsession…

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…with slab serif fonts. I’m not quite sure why but I am sure beginning to identify fonts as slab serif when I see them. Which is kind of disturbingly designer kind of geeky….

I often read with Amasis on my Sony ebook reader.

The font I’m using on my blog right now is called Bitter, is also a type of slab serif. I was using Kameron before (but it looked odd for body text).  Bitter is okay, but I like it better when bolded. (I already decided that headings should be a script font that why it’s not….a slab serif).

There’s something old but modern about it. I’m not quite sure why I like it.

In my last video I used Sanchez which was guess what….yeah…

At least I’m not sub-categorizing them…yet!

The Essence of Time

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I want to capture Time. Contain it. Hold it. Feel it. Make it stop moving. I want to feel it. Nuzzle it. Hold it. Smell it. I want to feel it in my hands.  I want to wrangle it. Want to tame it.  Want to know its essence, it’s feel, it’s smell, it’s movement and grace (or clumsiness, as it may be).

I want to make it stop running away from me.

Comments, Plugins and Weird Geekery

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For some reason, I can’t get jetpack comments without turning on the Mailchimp Social plugin.  Weird eh? But when I turn both on I get the jetpack comments. Maybe I need to learn PHP…I have a feeling it has something to do with the comments hook in my theme…

How would anyone ever know you?

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When you’re gone how would anyone know that you were ever here?  Or even now, sitting here – how would anyone ever know that anyone was ever here?

They won’t. You, I, we will fold into the intricacies of time.  Lost and unspoken, like many who have come before us.

For me it will be more of the same – being lost and unspoken.

I’m a year older now. A year to wonder. A year to realize that I haven’t really accomplished anything.  A year to wonder, why is it me that is still here.

Some people live for the moment. Some people live for their friends, families. Some live for their passion. Most people mechanically live through the day – never stopping, never musing to wonder what it it all about.  I guess I’m living for the future, in the hope that I’ll leave something great behind, somehow.

The way up the mountain (with blockades)

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So I have an evening class. That’s fine.

There is a strike with 2 unions. The TAs and the basically most other support staff.  I didn’t get an email so I assumed my class isn’t cancelled as it’s taught by the prof, not a TA. (we don’t even have a TA for that 3rd year English class)

I get on the bus.

About halfway up the mountain the bus driver goes “We may have a dead bus”.  Oh no. It’s dark and I really do not feel like walking up the mountain.

Let the writing insanity begin!

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I’m probably not going to post that much this month as I have other writing and research commitments….i.e. essays, essays, essays. I’m currently on the tail end of a post-midterm laziness session and I am realizing that I’ve been procrastinating on everything else!

I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this month. I know I won’t finish it. However, I do have three essays to write, along with a smaller article for the Peak.

For some reason, I’ve also been preoccupied with redesigning my blog. Ignore the mess for now, it’s in-progress but at least I’ve fixed the commenting….and now it should be easier to comment – sign in through your wordpress.com, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

In the meantime, I’ll be busy with my other writing.  I might post here still though….just for procrastination purposes 😉