So I have an evening class. That’s fine.

There is a strike with 2 unions. The TAs and the basically most other support staff.  I didn’t get an email so I assumed my class isn’t cancelled as it’s taught by the prof, not a TA. (we don’t even have a TA for that 3rd year English class)

I get on the bus.

About halfway up the mountain the bus driver goes “We may have a dead bus”.  Oh no. It’s dark and I really do not feel like walking up the mountain.

Luckily it held out.

But then the bus turned the other way, towards the condo development (usually it goes to the first main bus stop then the upper main bus loop close to the condo development).  I was getting a bit concerned…(It’s only a change of pattern…it’s only…). So it drives along and then finally stops. Most of the few people on the bus get off as a bunch of people get on. I get off the bus, thinking it’s the upper bus loop or somewhere close.

It’s not. All I can see are blaring blinking lights ahead. Woods to the side. It’s dark, streetlights are limited so I can’t see anything else. I had no idea where I was.

Realizing that I had no idea where I was I decided I should hop back on the bus and maybe it’ll take me to the other bus stop along Convo Mall (and hopefully will not take me back to Production Way station).  As the bus drive off, I belatedly realized where we where….we were about a block away from the upper bus loop which was blocked off by the strikers.

So we got back to the other bus stop. Sort of.  I managed to make my way towards the Convo Mall and the AQ. I went through the incredibly empty AQ and made it near my class…which was fine I guess.

Yes, I did have class (English, 18th Century Lit). Thankfully! Pride and Prejudice today (which I managed to finish reading). I think I identify most with Mary Bennet actually… (she’s barely in the book!). The book is okay but I didn’t really get Elizabeth’s sudden change of heart. What’s with the I-hate-you-but-now-I-love-you novels in the 18th century?

I might add that for some reason after my class, mobile service was randomly dropping out at Blussom Hall (and connecting halls) but it worked again when I went down to the AQ.

The TAs are still withholding grades. Sigh. It’ll be nice to know my grades for this semester one day, someday…and if I’m doing anything remotely right…

Now I get to register for classes tomorrow and I’m still miffed how the two classes I planned to take since the summer (or maybe even earlier) ended up conflicting with each other…

PS: I hate when patterns suddenly change (it freaks me out). I guess you can say I’m a bit pattern orientated…just don’t ask me to memorize one within minutes 😉  (I’ll get lost)

You may have figured out what school I am by now….haha! Unless there are lots of school stuck on top of small mountains….with an AQ…and by Production Way.