I just got my graphics tablet (Wacom Bamboo Create) last night! (But really only got to work with it today). Will write more about it later. It’s been awhile since my first tablet (in 2003). However my skills don’t feel to be much better…maybe I need practice….

I finally got it working as a animated GIF. (I hope it animates. It’s not cleaned up as I could figure how to do it without screwing everything up!!). The files size is so much bigger than the flash file though….stupid non-flash tablets, ipads and phones…

So of course after many scribbles, a few things emerged (no, not a star).

Drawn and animated in Flash (Background quickly made in Corel Painter Essentials). I knew what I was doing but for some reason it didn’t do what I thought it was going to do (funny, because I was actually educated in flash….in an online course).

Well, I did get a Bamboo Create….(except I created the Bamboo eater for some reason, not bamboo itself)

I also drew these randomly….

“Scribbles” Quick sketch. Little planning involved (Made in Photoshop).

Sheep (with a slight horse face…it used to have horse ears…at least I fixed that!). (Made in Photoshop/Painter Essentials. Most lineart done in Photoshop since I knew it more and coloured in Painter with digital watercolour)

I was thinking of doing an animated film about a sheep (that refuses to follow the sheep herd) but now I’m thinking that’s kinda a lot of work…..(and trial and error). Sigh…. I guess this why there’s not a ton of one person animated films? (And if it was, it’s usually a major project I would think).

I like making things purple okay? The panda wasn’t purple so there!

It seems that I can only draw things facing left and I have NO idea why….(and it tends to look weird to me when I flip it).  It’s weird and somewhat annoying!