aka…the drawing program where half the fun was finding creative ways to erase things (like blowing them up). I also enjoyed blending things and playing with stamps…I really liked the multi-part stamps for some reason (hey, it sort of translates….filters and custom brushes in Photoshop :-)).  I also liked making patterns with the mirror drawing thing….

Ask Wiki if you weren’t a child of the 90’s. 

I could not find any screenshots of the version I used. But….

I probably used Kid Pix Studio (released 1995 which will be the appropriate date). Or maybe Kid Pix 2 but I think it was Kid Pix Studio…eventually anyway.

But I found a few videos

I loved Kid Pix. I liked Paint too but I preferred Kid Pix. Wow, great memories. Maybe I should go from Photoshop to Kid Pix hahaha! (And annoy everyone with wacky sounds!). I think I did use the other features occasionally too (like Moopies).

Other software I remember using as kid was Treasure Mathstorm (windows), Midnight Rescue (on a monochrome Mac…), fairly early versions of Math Blaster (but I didn’t really like that much…I hate math), a Putt-Putt game, a Freddi Fish game and maybe Word Rescue….that’s about it, really. I also loved Magic School Bus games (THAT was the real purpose of going to the library. Funnily enough, is that libraries don’t really have computers with kid software access only anymore. Not really…most kids just play games online ha!). Living books and other interactive books were fairly common too…but I think I preferred games (also even at 7 or so I could already read so…).  Also, I remember using Netscape (or Internet Explorer). Ugh…. browsers sucked so much back then….(not that I knew then but I do now).

I’ve just seen screenshots of the newer versions (of both from around 2004 and the last few years. Ugh! It’s soo…shiny? I much prefer the classic Kid Pix interface. It’s probably nostalgia, I know…)

Also, Adobe’s “oops free for all”.

I’m not too convinced they are really worried about it being out there…there must be a ploy of some sort…

As for Adobe accidentally giving away Adobe CS2 a few days ago with a publicly accessible download page complete with serial numbers? (To which the strongly denied that they were giving away free…but it’s still there). Come on! They should seriously consider giving away their software that’s say, maybe 10 years old and older (I know Adobe CS2 isn’t but Adobe CS1 will be this year! Make CS1 free then…officially).

That way, 1) we won’t all be pirating because we won’t have to as badly and 2) poor people, like students and hobbyists can learn to use the software without breaking the bank.  Old software is also better for older and/or weaker computers anyway (I doubt my computer can take full advantage of CS6…nor me, but that’s another issue altogether.) By making it quite old (maybe 7-10 years), the software is generally considered too outdated for most professionals to use (well, they shouldn’t be using 10 year old software or worse, a 10 year old computer, if so…maybe the should consider a career change…) but very capable and  since the basics are generally the same, a great learning tool. It’s more than enough for hobbyists and students.

I know that there’s GIMP and stuff. But I hate GIMP as I’m not a fan of the interface (everything takes forever for me to do!).  It’s also hard to find free/cheap replacements for stuff like After Effects or film editing software… Besides, professionals wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) be limping along software that’s 10 years old (or worse, on computers that’s 10 years old…).

PS: Adobe CS2 programs are still there, publicly accessible (as of Jan 19, 2013) http://www.adobe.com/downloads/cs2_downloads/index.html  complete with serial numbers and no notes or warnings despite Adobe’s claims it was all a mistake! Since Adobe has no warning on that page and didn’t even bother to authenticate it (you don’t have to sign in….seriously, you need to sign to download Adobe trials so it’s not like they couldn’t do that…and apparently was like that before but now it’s not….very odd)…yeah I guess it’s free. More or less. This works for Windows (if you’re running Mac, CS2 is for PowerPC apparently so that may not work for you….).

Update: Adobe has finally put a message up. The downloads are still there though (and I don’t think you have to sign in still)…. And I still think they should officially freely release some of their unsupported old software for at least non-commercial purposes…

Seriously, Adobe you do really want do to this. You know that many aspiring artists and hobbyists will use your software, learn it, eventually like it and then be hooked to its interface so they can barely use anything else (nor want to). People already do that but by making outdated software available for free, we can do without pirating/torrenting…  I think that they do want to give it away, they’re just don’t want to admit to it! I mean, they don’t care too much about pirating (which is good because I can’t afford Adobe CS… especially when I don’t have a excuse reason to purchase it. Sigh. If I could, I would. But sometimes pragmatism comes before ethics and such. I do own a legit copy of Photoshop Elements 9 though…).

Even with the student discount (still about $800 for Master Collection or $30/monthly for Creative Cloud), Adobe CS is just way too expensive to buy and play with for fun (and full price – $2000+ or $800 for just Photoshop…that’s just waaaay too expensive). If you’re making a living off it fine. If you’re making projects for fun/personal use…not so fine…

Also, the first Photoshop I used at school was Photoshop 7 (the last one before CS)…it doesn’t really matter to me as I was never really taught Photoshop (my Graphics class had pretty much no instruction…not that anyone cared since we were all preoccupied with our own projects…) and really don’t make the best use of it. And still don’t. Photoshop Elements is not the lack of features that is the issue, it’s the slight change in UI and keyboard shortcuts that throws me off.