I’m actually locked out of my blog admin.
And the hosting panel is a mess.

So we shall see what happens….

I only have POST BY EMAIL access to my blog right now. 
I CANNOT edit posts or pages (or I would have edited my original poem post and updated my portfolio)

I also CANNOT moderate comments, modify the theme or basically do anything else on my blog but post to it.

I do have FTP access but no app or client access. Cpanel is a mess and I cannot access phpMyAdmin,
I seem to be getting my nightly backups from BackWPup. I’m currently looking at free hosting options (and eventually cheap). I have post to email access with the plugin, Jetpack.

I’m going to move my blog soon but my domain will stay the same. Performance may differ though. I was going to redesign my blog again but it turns out that I have more important things to do.