Hopefully, April will be back to normal

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I am planning to move this blog back to its domain in April, provided that I can find hosting.  (I could also complete wipe out whatever was on there in my hosting account and re-install Wordpress on the host I was using but I’m tired of it going down randomly and I don’t want more hacking issues).

Maybe I won’t be so cheap this time and actually pay a bit for some hosting….as evidently you get what you pay for…hmpphh. I was using a free host previously (that let me install WordPress). It wasn’t too slow but it was very liable to randomly stop working. Another free host I’ve tried with WordPress…Freehostia was very, very slow (and updating didn’t work and it ran an old version of WordPress!) when I tried it a few years ago.

There is also a possibility that I stay here at wordpress.com and just map my domain but I would like the option to upload static webpages (for a few projects in the pipe) and I’ll like to customize my design.  So….

I will definitely install some sort of WP Security plug-in on my next install though!  Jeez!  (I got paranoid and already installed one the Foundation Equestrian site).

I’m too busy now but sometime in mid-late April I should work on finally a home (and hopefully redesigning) my blog.

I got hacked

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You may notice that this looks completely different. And the URL now has wordpress in it.  And old permalinks don’t work. Yes, because I don’t have time to fiddle around right now and my self-hosted blog got hacked!

I was using a free host that supports WordPress. Great, except…

On Monday (Mar 18), I couldn’t log into my blog. This has happened before and it was my login or something in my database that needed to be changed and then reset my password through WordPress. That worked again. I idly wonder how did it happen…does it really go randomly changing user names within the database itself? I think not! I wondered for a moment if I was getting hacked or something but I let it pass…

Of course, the next day I was trying to play around with feeds with The Old Reader (trying to find out if this was my replacement for Google Reader as the problem with Feedly is that I couldn’t see the number of comments). And my feed didn’t work. Hmmm… Then I went to my site and it was hacked….yeah. It wasn’t horrible hacking (nothing overly inappropriate although they did rename my author name to “f*ck” as I found out later as I was trying to import posts).

There was no easy fix (or I couldn’t find one that fast) and in the midst of essay season, I didn’t have time to deal with it so here we are.

Good thing I wasn’t on drupal, joomla, expression engine or some other blog/CMS platform without free site like WordPress.

I think I’ll eventually move again because I don’t like the limits that wordpress.com places on its users. But at least it won’t get hacked…(it would be big news if it did)
We’ll see. If I’m really lazy maybe I’ll just map my domain but meh….  But it’s better than going with a super cheap host that tend to blink in and out of existence I guess…

What I would like to do with this blog

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Right now, I have this blog as insanely willy-nilly personal rambling that I don’t think anyone reads but myself. I’m pretty sure no one reads it regularly but myself actually…

That’s all fine and good but I think there are a few things I should change

  • Redesign. This design is usuable but there are various unstyled bits because I was was too lazy (and I don’t necessarily know all the CSS classes/IDs in this template).  It will probably be a child themed twenty ten or eleven theme.  Parts of it also break at various plugin updates.
  • Split content a bit more – for rambling/literature and for tech/creative – I will probably just have both on the main page though
  • More photography
  • More art/visual poetry…whatever the hell that means
  • Featured image or thumbnail on most posts (after I redo my design…ha!)
  • Make some attempts at animation
  • I would love to get more…reliable hosting but I’m not sure if that’s gonna happen any time soon!
  • Finding a common topic/theme will be nice…

Some days, the world is so far away

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There are some days that I feel that I can do everything. Some days, that the world is just at my finger tips, waiting for me. Some days, I feel that I am good at something or things.

Some days I feel talented, as if I had a future. Some days I feel like all my dreams will come true – horse and all.

But other days, most days this is not the case. Some days, the world is so far away. Utterly unreachable, as I crawl along the depths, clinging to things – leech-like. Some days I feel like I’m good at nothing and the world with people is more than I could bare or function.