Shooting Star – Kinetic Typography

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Better late than never.  I made this awhile ago!

I found this song one day. I’m not sure exactly how but I was scouring the internet (what else is new?) but I almost instantly related to it. It  was written for Hercules (1997) but cut. Now I’m not Hercules by a long shot (I’m so wimpy!) but I instantly related to the themes of unbelonging. It’s a very positive, perhaps even empowering song for those who don’t feel that they don’t belong with the comparison to a shooting star. I’m sort of surprised it’s not a hit on WrongPlanet (I lurk but I’m not currently a member) or something.

I’m always searching for a place to belong. I haven’t found it though…

I know the sync is a bit off…it was hard! Any tips? My first Kinetic Typography to audio. Somehow it’s slightly less bright and with a crappier quality than it was before (WTF? Same export settings, same file) but whatever….

Cut song from Hercules (1997). Performed by Boyzone (Stephen Gately). Lyrics by David Zippel and music by Alan Menken.

Known issues:
An “e” went funny…I don’t know what happened there. Too much of a pain to fix.
There is one small lyric segment wrong (a word/few words) since my source sucked..see if you can figure it out. Too much of a pain to fix.
I don’t know why the text is sorta blurry….they were vectors layers from illustrator…so I don’t know why? I think continuously rasterize was on too…..
I also don’t know how or why the text seems a bit darker…but it’s still ok I guess.

I might fix sync issues later.

After Effects and Illustrator CS3 with Premiere to use the Adobe Media Encoder. Also I couldn’t figure out to use the camera (most tutorials are for more recent versions) so I had to scale/rotate the element itself instead!

Whoopee! Back to Pacific Stupid Time!

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Well, there we have it. Nearly a week into Pacific Stupid Time. Also known as UTC -8:00 or GMT -8.

Now it might be okay if Pacific Standard Time was standard. Except it’s not.  After the daylight saving time change was changed a few years ago, eight months out of the twelve months we are now on daylight saving time. So what’s the point of standard time when it isn’t even standard time? There isn’t any. It’s just Pacific Stupid Time. Yeah, so you get to sleep in a hour…big whoop when you lose that hour just a few months later to daylight time.

The whole switching the time back and forth is stupid anyway. Of course you’re not “saving” or “losing” time, it’s being redistributed. For what end? Why go back and forth a full hour every year like a yoyo? If anything, it demonstrates how much time is a social construct more than anything. Sunset is sunset regardless if it’s a 6pm or 5pm.

There is some merit to daylight saving time in that at my latitude we can have a sunset at nearly 9:30 a sunrise at around 5am during the summer solstice. But what about “standard time”. The only thing I can think of is to not have sunrise at 9am at the winter  solstice…but wouldn’t you prefer it to get dark at 5pm instead of 4pm anyway? Isn’t 5pm more useful than 9am?

Farmers? I don’t think they fixate on time. They go on nature’s time (or man-cultivated time) and not some silly clock that teeter-totters twice a year.

Oh business. Yes. Except that business has be global for a long time now and they have to deal with different timezone. In fact, daylight saving time is even more detrimental to business since every country has a different time when they switch on or off daylight savings! There are a higher rate pf car accidents with daylight savings, including the switch to stupid standard time!

So what’s the point? It’s Pacific Stupid Time. We should be on Pacific Daylight Savings year round. Two pockets of British Columbia already are including parts of the Kootenay (Creston) and the Peace River District.  Well, okay technically they are in the Mountain Standard Time year around but during the winter they are on MST and during the summer they are DST (since they don’t change the time). The entire province of Saskatchewan is on permanent daylight saving time  as well since they use Central Standard time (UTC -6:00) despite being physically in the Mountain Time Zone (UTC -7:00).  Saskatchewan also does not change their clocks because they are daylight time anyway.

If we were on daylight saving time year round (UTC-7:00) than we will not have Daylight Stupid Time for a useless four months of the year. We’re already close, now we just need to get out of the trappings of screwing with our clocks twice per year. Well, okay so maybe 9-5 is not the greatest daylight hours (especially if you’re at work all day) but how is 8-4 better?  Maybe 8:30-4:40ish would be better, but let’s face it: UTC -7:30 is a stupid time zone.

So my solution is stil year round daylight time. Stop fussing around with the damn clocks! Time is clearly an societal illusion anyway. Well, the way we use it anyway…

Floating and Sinking

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One day you’re floating. As if everything can come true. As if wishes were horses to canter along the clouds. To scoop you up and fly you to all that you ever wanted.

The next day you’re sinking. You feel the undertow dragging you down, lost in the dark water and caught drowning in the undertow. Wondering what it felt like to breathe. Again.

I’m not sure what I’m doing. Not sure what I’m here for. That all of my dreams are silly, that they’ll never come true. That it’s pointless to dream of my dressage pony (or other equid) near where I live, of where I cannot escape, that I seem to be  ineradicably stuck to thus far. Despite my pastoral longings, I am stuck in the city where my self bounces against the walls longing for greener pastures. To be at least closer to horses. Yet I dream of a place close to where we’ll attempt dressage  some days and play on the woods other days.

Some days are hazy, whereas others I can see the dim light in the fog. But it’s like I’m living in a hazy water and nothing seems real. I don’t know what I’m doing, suspended in the thick water .

I’m done school but I’m stuck. I don’t have the social skills for most programs…or jobs it seems. Having come from nearly an entirely academic education, I feel that I don’t really have many employable skills either. Although I have it fairly narrowed down now (writing/digital or new media), I’m not that quite sure what I want to do. Some days I want to be a content or copy writer/web editor and other days, I want to be a front-end developer (though I don’t really have the skills. JavaScript? Ugh!). Some days I’m not convinced that I’m good at anything.

Things move fast but the right things seem to move slow. Too slow.

And I drift in the undercurrents, waiting for something. Waiting for dreams, that I’m not sure will hold. Waiting for a future that I so want but seems impossible now. Waiting, waiting.

I’m not always quite sure if I’m waiting for anything.