About Me

My name is Jennifer and I’m an odd, aloof, pensive daydreaming hermit.  What? No good? What’s wrong with that? It’s different, mysterious and maybe even a bit deep.  I know it doesn’t sound particularly productive and I will assure you that it is not.  Okay, maybe I’m Houyhnhnm (a breed of overly rational, super intelligent horses) in disguise then. Still not good enough? Well, too bad.

I’m currently finishing an English major and a minor in history. I like environmental history. I’m not sure what I will do with it (or not with it, as the story goes) but at least I will have a BA in English. I also have a background in basic web design (HTML, CSS) and graphics (more or less…probably less).

I am also a very talented over-thinker and procrastinator.

I enjoy writing and creating things through other means of media (mostly visual and computer-aided).  I am currently focusing on writing and for the purposes of this blog, creative writing (mostly me rambling about things of all kinds in a more … literary fashion).  In addition to writing, I like playing with Photoshop and video editing (I usually use VideoStudio but I want to learn more professional software). I’m currently figuring out Adobe Premiere + Adobe After Effects.

As for what I’m going to do/be when I grow up, I’m not sure. Oh wait, I’m already a grown up (in temporal and legal terms, apparently) and I’m still not sure.  Dang it.  I really wanted to be a hermit when I was a kid but I’m not sure so of that “occupation” at the moment…so um yeah. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my life other than ramble endlessly.

I am interested in literature, poetry, technology, design, typography, web design, motion graphics,  horses, horseback riding,  dolphins, orcas (which are a dolphin),  whales, porpoises, the forest (need not to be enchanted), nature in general,  space, theories of the universe/multiverse/being and wandering while daydreaming.  I may also be interested in other interesting things not listed.

I hate math (it hates me, a lot), Internet Explorer (it wants to break my websites), Microsoft’s blue screen of death and primitive beep (it ends whatever you’re doing quickly) and people select societal norms such as greetings and face to face introductions (they’re so alien and it’s really awkward).

About This Blog

“Jennego” is pronounced “Jen-nee-go” and suffers from a permanent misspelling due to my dad spelling that way when he set up my first email account many, many, many years ago and stuck.  It is a nickname I gave myself as a young child when I couldn’t say my real first name, Jennifer (which is a very common name, I know).

This is not a focused blog in any way at the moment. I will probably post pretty random stuff. It may very well roam all over the countryside and into the city, through the woods, off the side of a cliff and through the ocean.

I hope to focus it on writing and perhaps post some writing projects. My main genres are creative non-fiction and poetry. I also do a bit of (original) fiction. I also enjoy rambling on and on about things I find interesting and/or care about like an obsessed person.