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Flickers from Jen on Vimeo.

There’s not that much to say right now…


I’m drifting between shadows and light
darting from one to the other
retreating to the darkness
chasing the light

but it comes too fast, and I too slow
though I may be enamored in its splendour
but ungraspable

the light is too revealing anyway
exposing all that is wrong
and little that feels right

running back to the shadows
into the darkness
where the light does not burn
and does not shine

either way I can’t see
except for the light dancing
in the shadows
optimism glimmering

flickers of   [note: not listed in order]
hope desperation
elation disappointment
bravery fear
dreams nightmares
knowledge confusion
confidence anxiety
belonging alienation

the auspicious
ominous future

flickers of everything and nothing
shadows dancing in light
light dancing in the shadows

Poetry should be read out loud!

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Yes, I know.

I should really have someone reading my poetry in my videos. But I’m not doing it (you wouldn’t be able to understand me anyway….probably.).

I don’t have any friends, let alone any talented friends to ask.

I don’t have a fanbase of any sort that might be talented and may want to do it.

Besides I have an idea of how it should be read that someone else may not follow.

So it’s silent. Except for music. And the odd sound effect or two.  It’s my writing so there’s no recording of it floating around (especially before I release it).


The Moon Knows Solitude (video)

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The Moon Knows Solitude from Jennego on Vimeo.

Poem text: “The Moon Knows Solitude”

She hovers there in the dark sky
as I wander alone in the lonely night
wondering what I’m doing here
but the moon, she too knows solitude

Not just in one of her shy phases
hiding and peering in her celestial curtains
but she is too, all alone

Maybe Earth gives her company,
the flow of the tides
and as the awe of humanity

But she is lonely in her orbit
her dark side looking on to
the great planets with many moons,
and the cozy families too

But the moon – there’s no one like her around here
no other celestial orb to share her Earth
except for the odd asteroid (and space crap)
to keep her company every now and then

I stare into the night
sharing the moment with the moon
following her silver stare
and now here we are
less alone in our mutual friend,


I wrote this over the weekend, thinking about solitude and then somehow thinking about the moon. In many ways it reflects us both I guess.

Surprisingly, I have little to say about this poem other than that I was too impatient to let it linger before revising it.


Written, Designed & Animated by me.

Additional sound credits

Freesound credits (that got me flagged on Vimeo)





Dreams of Hornless Unicorns

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Filmed Sept 2012 by my mom (I don’t actually bareback that often, it was just one of those days)
Fonts: Alegreya and Note This (both are free)
Done mostly in Adobe After Effects CS3 with a bit of Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
Somehow had a render time of 5-6 hours, even though it’s only 2:10 minutes and although has a fair number of effects, it isn’t too crazy and the datarate isn’t that high…

This is a more personal video than my last few videos.

Streetlights in the Sky Video

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Loosely based on this…short piece I wrote about a month ago.

Not fully happy with it….it’s a bit…choppy/speedy at times and just lacks general grace. However I did finally discover the other camera tools (you have to press C in After Effects, not just right click like in Photoshop)…after I finished this video of course.  I’m learning!  But it’s ok I guess. It’s a bit better than my last video at least.