Photos from the Last Week

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Taken at Reifel Bird Sanctuary (Ladner) and Cleveland Dam (North Van).

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I’m thinking of just using Flickr to host my photos since I upload them there anyway but I dunno since I’m not fond with most plugin gallery options. (Though I guess I could change them…).

50mm F1.9 Yashica DSB Lens Test

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Okay so I was lazy I didn’t feel like copying the same batch of photos and putting them on here. Besides, the WordPress gallery must be getting a bit boring now (is it? I can install another gallery plugin eventually if it so happens that I am posting a lot of galleries which I have seemed to be doing lately).

I finally got my adapter (Fotga CY – M4/3).  It does go a bit past infinity and the distance markings don’t seem very accurate but it works fine (to me). This is the 50mm F1.9 Yashica DSB Lens that I bought used for about $25 (total expense: about $32 including the adapter which is not bad for a lens).

It’s not that clear wide open but that also could be partly the photographer’s problem (still figuring out how to focus). Mostly I shot in aperture priority (camera decides shutter – which only worked sometimes I felt) and manual.  Most exposure mistakes are probably mine.

People on mobile/tablet or Flash haters: set is here to view on Flickr.

Here’s some crappy camera phone photos with my camera and the lens.



PS: Also apparently the andriod wordpress app doesn’t seem to work very well when it comes to publishing posts…or at least I couldn’t get it to (I wrote the post on the computer though and only used the app to post the last two images).

Trout Lake and the Tomato Festival [Gallery]

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Yes, seriously a tomato festival.  But it was more like a market.

This is my first meetup (photography group). I’m not sure if I’m going again as it was a bit much socially but maybe if they just let me listen and leave me alone it’ll be ok. We scattered anyway. I really wanted to photograph other parts of trout lake but the person I was with was obsessed with the market!! (Which was way too crowded btw).

Edit: I missed a photo so I added it.

Photos also uploaded to my Flickr account and the Meetup group.


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Farmyard Critters [gallery]

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Visit to Maplewood Farm. No I don’t have kids and I’m not 7. But I like farm critters.

I’m increasingly feeling that I don’t belong in the city. I belong in country fields and forest trails. I belong with horses….and maybe other critters too. Yes, the donkeys were on artificial turf…apparently vet recommended since one was eating rocks. And yes, those goats just stood on the tire. People sat there, took photos and they’re still there!

The Odd Duck Out

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Photo: I’m not even sure what kind of duck this is (the rest are definitely mallards).  Based on my research I believe it may be a “manky mallad”  of some sort but I am not certain. Still, odd duck – even more fitting! Photo shot and edited by me. Reifel bird sanctuary, Summer 2012.

I have always felt like the odd duck out. The odd coloured one. The one that people had a strange fascination towards but still never befriended me. The ungainly ugly little duckling that no one wanted to play with (growing up didn’t make it better either).  The one who is even unsure of who one is. But still, no matter where I was or who I was, I never quite fit in. Duck. Duck. Duck. Weird duck. Duck. Duck.

For one, I am not good at math nor have a May birthday (much of my family is). I am a girl (unlike my any of cousins as a very young child). I am quite literate and occasionally artistic (my family isn’t). I like horses and of course, my family doesn’t either. When I was a child…no one really wanted to play with me. At least, not the “typical” children. Like the odd duck, I never really understand why no one wanted to play with me but I accepted it. I mean what else you do, demand people to play with you? (I may have tried it. If I did, it did not work.)

I never had really close friends or best friends (if anyone becomes my BBF….congrats, you’re the first)…all my friends were always quite light, superficial. I only had friends as a younger child. By high school, although there were a few acquaintances within classes, I had mostly become a loner.  Undergrad – both my lower levels at a local college and my upper levels at a local university was a massively isolating experience.  People talk about social lives in college/university, but I don’t think most understand how profoundly isolating it is when all you do is go to class and you don’t really have any social skills.

I ride horses too and I’ve been riding for a while (never said I was good at it…but I stay on most of the time).  Did I make any friends there? Of course not! Even common interests cannot bring me together with a friend (even though it felt like I sucked at horses compared to everyone). I did eventually had some acquaintances when I hung out at the barn…but still never friends and it was not uncommon that they ignored me. I always felt like the tag-along…thing anyway even though I was older than them. I wished for a equine friend but that didn’t quite happen either. I guess you need the horse to do that…or better horse or friend-making skills. However, I got bullied around by a young horse ….interesting but not quite the “special relationship” I was looking for. Class divides (oh they exist so much) aside, I’m also nearly the only flat-only mostly recreational rider in a barn full of jumping show horses…things that I don’t do. Even if I did jump (and I don’t for several confusing reasons), I’ll never show at that level. It’s a sport for the privileged and I will admit that equestrian is elitist…and I am so far from that socioeconomic class, it’s not even funny. That would likely never be a part of my world. Oh yes, the inferiority complex is alive and well (not as bad as it has been though).

I never had pets as my family is not into animals so I had relatively limited exposure to them. I rarely had any close friends. I was always the odd duck out, alone. Whereas it got better for the ugly duckling, it got worse for me as I got older. I did not become a swan, instead I became more isolated, odder. The one that people ask if I’m okay or lost as I wander out, or stare out into space, mind lost in thoughts. Eventually, I would be the one that people may be slightly fascinated in (at least during high school) but remain distanced. As if I was wearing different feathers, a different pattern than the other ducks that everyone looks at but find it’s too different for them. I stand aside, never fully included and never fully belonging.

I go to school but I am isolated, distanced even though we are all in the same place. It’s as if I occupy a different dimension than everyone else, momentary disseminating and reappearing randomly. Sometimes we see each other, but we hardly ever interact. The two dimensions rarely  “Integration” is a misnomer. I may have gone to class with “typical” students. I may did the same academic work that everyone else does. I did “integration” periods in elementary school and was eventually fully integrated by grade 10. But again, “Integration” is a misnomer. Just because I occupy the same space as “typical” students does not make me part of their world. The rest of the ducks make friends, socialize, while I waddle off, on my own in search of my own pond. I still haven’t found it.

But I’m tired of not belonging, in nearly every space.

Yet,  I don’t want to be like the other ducks.

The Brevity of Spring [gallery]

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It went quickly. It’s now late May and the foliage looks full, leafy and summery. It’s amazing to think that by six months, all will be bare again. But for a few weeks…

Reminders of autumn, with the falling petals
Reminders of winter, with the still bare trees.
Reminders of spring, with the blossoms and tiny young leaves.
Reminders of summer, with some trees beginning to fill out in full leaf.

It lasted just for a few weeks when suddenly everything was full and green. Like summer.

But for about two weeks in April, it was like this:

Lounging on a Horse

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Why lunge the horse, if you could just lounge on the horse? (Although if you’re doing both…do the former first!)

Horse Lounging
Me almost lying on Czar. Photo: September 2012. Taken by my mom. Edited by me

The photo is old (Sept 2012)  but I just edited the photo recently. I don’t have recent photos at this time (kind of hard to take photos of yourself on a horse!). Me lounging/cuddling on Czar, a 25-year old (at that time) Quarter horse that I’ve been riding for the past couple of years.

Okay, so it’s not quite lounging as I didn’t quite spry my legs across his back. But I’m not that brave  and it’s a bit of a way down! (About 16hh down…).  I also don’t really want to explain falling off from a standstill doing something stupid or did I want to fall off in front of my mom!

I have to say, I think I’m better at lounging on horses then lunging/longeing them! Ha! It was actually quite comfortable in the September sun. Any sports that involve using the horse as some sort of furniture?

I don’t do this bareback very often but I kind of like it better since you get to be so much closer to the horse.  I like the feeling of horsehair. It’s a bit slippery but it’s soo smooth.  I don’t ride bareback very often…and I’m not quite fit enough to do it, riding only weekly but if I rode more I might like to do more… you can really feel the movement.  And I’m so into feeling the horse beneath me.

(Okay, so I would probably be lounging in the dirt if he went kooky but he was chill. Or maybe I’ll just sit up and scoop my reins up. Or maybe I’ll have another crotch incident*….depends I guess.)

*once I was trotting another horse (named Red) bareback, I leaned forward, bounced and my crotch landed on his withers. That is so not recommended (and probably why cowboys don’t trot bareback that often).

I like the horse couch. I’m not the greatest rider or horse person but I’m good at lounging ON the horse. Ha!

Photo edited in Photoshop with a pen tablet.