A bomb and a reset

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So I kind of abandoned this blog for awhile. Moved it a few times folder-wise. Didn’t bother to update it in any way. Pretty much haven’t touched it since early 2016. Stuff happened. I got lazy. Focused on web dev for a while (not PHP or wordpress).

I don’t even know how I managed to kill it. But it was 2019 and I haven’t updated wordpress. Meh, whatever. But it was acting weird when I was trying to change themes. And then it locked me out with a 500 server error. No explanation. Can’t find logs. Can’t view blog past the first page. No access to wp-admin. Tried everything. Reinstall wordpress. Reinstall wordpress with a older version. No dice. Played around with htcaccess so much. Nope. Nope Nope.

So I just deleted the whole thing in the folder. Made and remade the subdomain. Backed up the database. Fresh install of wordpress, database, everything. Just used Fantastico because I know it’ll work. (Yes, I did try a manual install and connecting my current database….no dice)

I’m sure there’s a way to import .sql with the table prefix changed but I didn’t know how so I just imported my old database tables into my new one. I changed the posts by renaming. Yay! It works.

But I try to change the categories/tags tables (_terms). It doesn’t work. Doesn’t show. Doesn’t work to make a new one. I can see that it was actually making new terms, I just couldn’t see it on the front end. I thought maybe it’s an issue of writing to a different table somehow via id. But I could not find how to get that far into the source.

I was ready to bomb it again when I finally accessed my error logs. It turns out I didn’t rename one of my term tables.

I am still not sure where the term to post relations went. You’ll think that one of the tables will store it and it will be preserved but ???? or at least one of them is the many-to-many but I can’t find it and it seemed to have disappeared on the front end for sure.

I later found in in wpprefix_term_relationships.

The lesson here is read the damn error logs. And figure out the how the database works before trying to do a transplant.

Or use a simpler database schema haha . I don’t know. It’s fine when it’s complicated and you know about it because you made it but it seems less fine when it someone else’s!

What I would like to do with this blog

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Right now, I have this blog as insanely willy-nilly personal rambling that I don’t think anyone reads but myself. I’m pretty sure no one reads it regularly but myself actually…

That’s all fine and good but I think there are a few things I should change

  • Redesign. This design is usuable but there are various unstyled bits because I was was too lazy (and I don’t necessarily know all the CSS classes/IDs in this template).  It will probably be a child themed twenty ten or eleven theme.  Parts of it also break at various plugin updates.
  • Split content a bit more – for rambling/literature and for tech/creative – I will probably just have both on the main page though
  • More photography
  • More art/visual poetry…whatever the hell that means
  • Featured image or thumbnail on most posts (after I redo my design…ha!)
  • Make some attempts at animation
  • I would love to get more…reliable hosting but I’m not sure if that’s gonna happen any time soon!
  • Finding a common topic/theme will be nice…

Locked Out of My Blog!

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I’m actually locked out of my blog admin.
And the hosting panel is a mess.

So we shall see what happens….

I only have POST BY EMAIL access to my blog right now. 
I CANNOT edit posts or pages (or I would have edited my original poem post and updated my portfolio)

I also CANNOT moderate comments, modify the theme or basically do anything else on my blog but post to it.

I do have FTP access but no app or client access. Cpanel is a mess and I cannot access phpMyAdmin,
I seem to be getting my nightly backups from BackWPup. I’m currently looking at free hosting options (and eventually cheap). I have post to email access with the plugin, Jetpack.

I’m going to move my blog soon but my domain will stay the same. Performance may differ though. I was going to redesign my blog again but it turns out that I have more important things to do.


Geeking out on moon names

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Uranus is a sucky planet name. (Scientists have found a spot on Uranus…hahaha!). Herschel should have really just have called it George (the original name was Georgium Sidus) Seriously. So to make up for that Uranus has AWESOME moon names! (Well, to me anyway)

Their names are (ordered by name, not by location…it’s easier this way): Ariel, Umbriel, Belinda (Pope, Rape of the Lock), Titania, Oberon, Puck (Midsummer’s Night Dream), Miranda, Caliban, Sycorax, Prospero, Setebos, Stephano, Trinculo, Francisco, Ferdinand (The Tempest), Cordelia (King Lear), Ophelia (Hamlet), Bianca (The Taming of the Shrew), Cressida (Troilus and Cressida), Desdemona (Othello), Juliet, Mab (Romeo and Juliet), Portia (The Merchant of Venice), Rosalind (As You Like It), Margaret (Much Ado About Nothing), Perdita (The Winter’s Tale), Cupid (Timon of Athens)

All from Shakespeare except for Alexander Pope’s Rape of the Lock. Yes, there’s an Ariel in the Tempest too so I guess it does double duty (I think they are both very light sort of spiritual being anyway). Most moon names are named after various Gods or something but Uranus’ moons are the only ones named after literature. Herschel named the first moons Titania and Oberon, the logic being that a planet named for a God of the sky, it should have airy names for its moons. The naming trend has continued with the source material rather then airy spirits though.

I have just geeked out on moon names. Wow.

A Life Without People

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Well, not literally a life without people.

But close enough.

Outside of my family, I’ve had very little daily interaction with other people. I’ve never really interacted with my peers. We always seemed to be at different points of reality, as if we were occupying different dimensions in the same space.

It was always like this, to some extant. But it got worse during high school. It seemed that the gap was widening and widening to the point that we’re completely unconnected. But I never connected well with my peers. It seems that I get along better with people who are older or younger than myself. Somehow, both groups were more willing to talk to me but not those from my own age group.

I can be annoying anyone who is not me. I have a snarky sense that annoys people but I find greatly amusing – I’m pretty proud of my snarky replies sometimes (maybe I should contain to scripts or something). But not no one can complain about “I’m amazed you have friends you’re so annoying” because I don’t have friends. I’m not that sure if I want close friends.  They’re too hard to get. Too complicated. Life is simpler without managing relationships of all or any kinds.

For the most part, I’ve lived my life almost without people from the outside world. I don’t even know what friends are anymore…they are almost abstractions to me. I hear they exist but I don’t really know what they are.  It’s like my version of dark matter or something!

I’m fascinated by “life without people” and “creatures of the far future” speculative documentaries and um…semi-fiction (I guess?).

But I don’t know. I guess I don’t like people. Or at least, people I don’t know. Maybe it gets lonely sometimes and very disconnecting but I can’t imagine it any other way.

Also, I did a few online personality tests (Myers-Briggs) and whatever I did and whatever test I tried, I wound up as INTJ (Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging…so I guess I’m a INTJ. Apparently they are thinkers. But I suck as a scientist (me and math) and um….yeah. I sometimes score 100% introvert. And part of the it is due to that fact that I’m an overthinker. Although, I have not been around people enough really really know if being around people actually sucks energy from me so I’m not always 100% if I’m an introvert since I really don’t have great social skills…

Because I live in a life without people sort of (I sound like I’m living in the future!), some of the questions are unanswerable to me such as the ones about parties (I don’t go to parties and you can’t drag me to one) and friends groups (I haven’t worked in groups and I don’t have friends).

I did look into librarian stuff though…but a master’s degree is hard to get into and library tech doesn’t pay very well. Jobs aren’t that plentiful either and most of them can’t be done remotely. I also don’t want to work with the public.

I don’t know what I want to do. Sometimes I wish I can go off into a mystical land without people. Or math, because you know, I suck at math. (Why does all my personality tests point to programming when I suck at math? I tried JavaScript and didn’t get it! HTML/CSS is fine….programming? I don’t know about that one. Which is also why I’m not sure what I want to do!)

Winter at Deer Lake

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Taken at Deer Lake, Jan 19, 2013 from my phone (didn’t bring a camera…really should have though). There was some ice over the like and a mist hanging over it.

Day 1 of Wacom Tablet (sketches)

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I just got my graphics tablet (Wacom Bamboo Create) last night! (But really only got to work with it today). Will write more about it later. It’s been awhile since my first tablet (in 2003). However my skills don’t feel to be much better…maybe I need practice….

I finally got it working as a animated GIF. (I hope it animates. It’s not cleaned up as I could figure how to do it without screwing everything up!!). The files size is so much bigger than the flash file though….stupid non-flash tablets, ipads and phones…

So of course after many scribbles, a few things emerged (no, not a star).

Drawn and animated in Flash (Background quickly made in Corel Painter Essentials). I knew what I was doing but for some reason it didn’t do what I thought it was going to do (funny, because I was actually educated in flash….in an online course).

Well, I did get a Bamboo Create….(except I created the Bamboo eater for some reason, not bamboo itself)

I also drew these randomly….

“Scribbles” Quick sketch. Little planning involved (Made in Photoshop).

Sheep (with a slight horse face…it used to have horse ears…at least I fixed that!). (Made in Photoshop/Painter Essentials. Most lineart done in Photoshop since I knew it more and coloured in Painter with digital watercolour)

I was thinking of doing an animated film about a sheep (that refuses to follow the sheep herd) but now I’m thinking that’s kinda a lot of work…..(and trial and error). Sigh…. I guess this why there’s not a ton of one person animated films? (And if it was, it’s usually a major project I would think).

I like making things purple okay? The panda wasn’t purple so there!

It seems that I can only draw things facing left and I have NO idea why….(and it tends to look weird to me when I flip it).  It’s weird and somewhat annoying!