Streetlights in the Sky

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Lights hovering

When I was a child, I would marvel at the cluster of lights in the Vancouver winter night sky, The bright white dots were clustered up there in the night sky, brilliantly glowing.

I suppose they could be stars. But they were too bright to be stars, too big and too steady. They appeared on cloudy nights yet only appeared when the air was cold and never in the summer. Yet, they were always at the same place, neatly arrayed. They weren’t planes. Planes moved but these did not. I knew they were a sign of civilization but I didn’t know why.

So hell is a swear word? The hell? Why heck isn’t enough.

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So, apparently hell is a swear word? What the hell? I don’t think it is.  When you say, heaven and hell – hell is not a swear world. It is just a place. A mysterious place. One that is probably full of anger, confusion and fire. All of which that I am using feeling when I use that word.

That said I’m not religious at all and I’m sorry, but I think religion is so very dumb to begin with. We would have so many less problems in the world if there was no religion. I’m not saying we should all bow to reason and science because that can also be dangerous but I am not a fan of religion. Besides, it makes no sense – but what where God came from? Was there the big bag and there was God or something? Where did he (or her, for a goddess) come from? It’s like a nice fairy tale people made up themselves to answer burning questions. At least it proves humans are somewhat creative.  Besides there’s so many different versions too! Adam and Eve…blah blah blah.  You know Imagine  “Nothing to kill or die for/And no religion too”…it’s just not worth the bloodshed. Really. It’s not.

*if you are deeply religious, you probably avoid talking to me about religion. That said, I still think the mythology is pretty cool…it’s just not what I believe in.

Deadline Dash

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So, it’s due tomorrow.

There’s a few paragraphs left to do. I eyed the word count and clock, watching as my word count slowly grew and time counting down – too quickly.

It wasn’t like I didn’t have enough time to do it earlier. I was uninspired and yes, perhaps lazy. There’s nothing like a threat for a motivating muse. In this case it’s the threat of failing the course. It’s unoriginal, but highly effective.

I push for more words as I felt my fingers try to pound the keyboard furiously.

Another hour left.

It’s mostly done now. I try to make sure it’s comprehensible.

Done. It’s due and it’s in. On time.

I could feel myself gasping with relief. It’s as if I’d just ran across a finish line. For now, I don’t care about the results. For now, it’s the thrill of finishing that I’ll savour.

Written for the non-fiction portion of the CBC Literary Triathlon Challenge (that I did not win or come remotely close to winning).