Animated Stop Motion GIFs!

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Clearly, I am losing my mind. :-P.  Or have already lost it. It’s so ridiculous!!  😉

These were originally created for this video.

Some people have commented they could watch it forever. And now they can!

PS: I could not make up my mind about which website to use as my watermark and changed my mind halfway, hence both.




This is an outtake as it didn’t end up in the final video.

I could do a few more (maybe 2 more) but they either aren’t as good or really similar to the ones I already have on here.

You can download by right clicking and saving as. I’m not quite sure why you would want to do that but I was considering sending these to people as attachments lol.

PS: The white one is almost but not quite a unicorn. Has most of the trappings of a unicorn except the horn! Unless it’s a hornless unicorn….


The Wave (Animated GIF)

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The image is flickering weird on my computer sometimes. Let me know if is for you too.

I used a gradient from a pack but the wave is mine.  Made & animated in Photoshop (I don’t like Flash’s painting tools…even though it probably would have been easier to animate in Flash).

And who said animated GIF’s are dead? They are so making a comeback…since I can’t figure out any other way to get animations to play on ipads/tablets/phones without uploading to youtube/vimeo or uploading 2 different video files (face it, small animations like this aren’t worth that kind of effort!).