All the Untold – Urban Birds

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I should have posted this yesterday but anyway…

Well, mostly water birds…

Some of the video (the close up bird) has me manual focusing (with just the lcd screen and no assist) with a manual lens (Yashica 50mm) for the first time but to be honest it doesn't seem to be that much worse compared to the auto focus. Sorry for a bit of jello effect – forgot to turn image stabilization off and I did it handheld.

Shot with an Olympus PM1 with an m.zuiko 14-42mm (most clips) and the budget 50mm Yashica DSB F1.9. (close up gull). If it's choppy it might be due to the "stabilization", the conversion of some of the clips and/or your internet connection/behaviour of your browser.

Species: gull, mallard duck, wood duck, pigeon

Music: Shine – Vienna Teng (I usually try to use creative common tracks – while this track is not creative commons, her new material is and this is a just a random personal video).

Trout Lake and the Tomato Festival [Gallery]

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Yes, seriously a tomato festival.  But it was more like a market.

This is my first meetup (photography group). I’m not sure if I’m going again as it was a bit much socially but maybe if they just let me listen and leave me alone it’ll be ok. We scattered anyway. I really wanted to photograph other parts of trout lake but the person I was with was obsessed with the market!! (Which was way too crowded btw).

Edit: I missed a photo so I added it.

Photos also uploaded to my Flickr account and the Meetup group.


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