How would anyone ever know you?

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When you’re gone how would anyone know that you were ever here?  Or even now, sitting here – how would anyone ever know that anyone was ever here?

They won’t. You, I, we will fold into the intricacies of time.  Lost and unspoken, like many who have come before us.

For me it will be more of the same – being lost and unspoken.

I’m a year older now. A year to wonder. A year to realize that I haven’t really accomplished anything.  A year to wonder, why is it me that is still here.

Some people live for the moment. Some people live for their friends, families. Some live for their passion. Most people mechanically live through the day – never stopping, never musing to wonder what it it all about.  I guess I’m living for the future, in the hope that I’ll leave something great behind, somehow.