I currently hold a BCIT Associate Certificate in Web Technologies but I am considering doing further education in the future (since I don’t know much about mobile design, the latest technology or much about programming languages).  Right now, I am more of a web designer that can code….small sites only. (I can also do light design modifications to WordPress themes).

My digital skills currently include:

Coding (with help from Google’s searching skills…because I’m not coding a lot right now.)

  • CSS
  • I can also integrate (and occasionally modify) Javascript into web pages

I’ve been researching CSS3 and HTML5 and it’s pretty cool! I’m starting to incorporate some of it into my websites, when appropriate.

I can also implement jQuery lightbox packages (like prettyPhoto), Font Squirrel WebfontsGoogle Webfonts and other premade javascript/jQuery/CSS packages into my static sites. Yes, fonts are cool.

  • Adobe Photoshop (some)
  • Adobe Dreamweaver or most code editors for that matter (writing CSS and HTML mostly)
  • Very basic Adobe Flash (slideshows etc)
  • Consumer Video Editors (Move Maker, VideoStudio…) I’m currently playing with Adobe Premiere and After Effects but I can probably get around most non-linear video editors, at least for basic edits

I would like to learn more media/multimedia software in the future (like stop being so afraid of vector graphics…)…but that’s about it for now…

Obviously, I also know how to use a computer and nearly all (unless it’s really weird and/or in a different language) word processing software and such as well.  I am also familiar with administering WordPress (installation, basic configuration, content management, and CSS-based design only).


Foundation Equestrian (redesigned in 2012)
Design and Maintenance (webmaster)
WordPress, template customization (child theme), plug-in implementation (that I didn’t make), content input, content organization, migration from a hand-coded site that I also made.

Previous Foundation Equestrian site (2009-2011 archived)  – Design, Development and Maintenance (webmaster). Hand coded HTML and CSS, prettyPhoto, basic SEO. It had a flash header but that was changed to a static image in 2010.

My Personal Sites
I tend to make sites for myself because I am the best client for me. Ha! It seems to be some sort of hobby…

Pieces of Dreams (Tumblr) 
Tumblr based, modified theme (Just Plain Theme), design, code, uh I mostly just reblog content…

jenniferchow.ca – My Personal Landing Page  (2012)
Content, design and coding.  Hand-coded personal landing page, using HTML and CSS3 techniques (for background image and element transparency). Uses FontSquirrel font kits.

Jennego.com – personal blog (2012), of course.
Third design based on the Twenty Twelve theme, running on WordPress (self hosted)

Old Personal Site (2009) – personal hand-coded site with random experiments.  Also attempted to integrated Blogger with a similar themed site.

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