*because titles are much better as an allusion to a classic story that you have never actually read…or watched for that matter.

I know some people don’t like the wind. They complain how cold it is, how it makes a mess and how chilling it is again. Okay,  fine that makes sense, in the fall and winter. I’m not too fond of chilling winds either, the ones that walk through you as if they were winter ghosts.

But I love the wind that blows on a mild day.  I don’t know why people don’t like the wind in spring or summer but long for the sticky heat f0r some reason.  It baffles me.  But to each their own.

Still,  it’s the cold that makes me feel alive. The heat just makes me sticky. The wind rushes across my skin, chilling the surface and for that moment I know that I’m alive. That I’m in this world and the wind is with me.

But what I love most about the wind is the illusion of movement.

I’m tired of being stuck, of being chained to the ground. But when I face the wind, it’s as if I am moving without actually moving. I can feel the rush of air through my hair and on my skin. It’s as if I’m moving through the air, moving somewhere, going somewhere. But I’m not and the air is moving past me. But it’s the illusion of movement that I love –  that just for the moment I can forget all the chains, all the walls and all the fences and pretend that I am moving. Pretend that I’m actually moving forward.  That I am free.  I spread my arms as if I could catch the wind and fly.

I now know why birds have wings.  And so to the bats and the bees, the flies and some seeds of trees. Even the flying squirrel (okay I know it doesn’t really have actual things called wings per se but it’s still aerial right?).  They have wings so they can harness the wind and let it take them away. Take them to new places to find food, to make themselves a home, to explore.

But here I am again, still grounded – not quite able to achieve liftoff from my mundane life.  So I wait, eager for the next windy breeze in the sticky summer sun for the feeling of coolness, freshness and oh yes, freedom.