That will never probably see this anyway….


My name is Jennifer and I am currently an antisocial loner.  I do not believe in greetings, intricacies of etiquette, small talk and other various social norms. I also hate introductions with a passion.  I often will however, readily talk about things that I am fascinated about.  Sometimes I will freeze because I am not sure what I am supposed to do.  It may be obvious and easy to you but it is not to me.  I believe that greetings are unnecessary, insincere, generally hokey, awkward and confusing. Please stop shoving them in my face and expecting me to return in like because I probably will not. Then it will be awkward and you will be confused. I hate greetings.  It’s hard to keep track of how I’m supposed to react to them when I do not feel the way and I know that you are greeting for the sake of greeting and it’s kind of all moot anyway.  I also have an aversion to handshakes.  I suggest that you do not attempt this as you will not receive your desired or expected response.

Yes, I may pretend you are not there or behave in other ways that you may find odd. I’m okay. We’re okay. It’s okay.  Yes, I’m uncivilized and unsocialized to a degree as I may subvert your notions of “normal”. That is fine.  I know that but I refuse to succumb to the crushing disguise of “normality” anyway since I know it will never me and I don’t really want to unbecome me (you may want me to – but I don’t!).

Oh and don’t worry about be being rude and never having friends, my best friend is Solitude anyway.

So please go away and go greet someone else.  Thank you.  You may come back when you have thoroughly worn all your greetings out (as well as need to police social conduct, small talk and introductions).

Oh and that non-introduction – who/what am I? I am currently a student finishing an English degree at SFU. My interests include writing (articles, creative non-fiction and poetry), motion poetry/writing, web development, multimedia/new media, researching random things, technology, musing about existence in general,  the forest, nature,  dolphins and horses.  “Friends” are currently, more or less abstractions.