Have you ever had the overwhelming feeling that you work hard on something but no one really cares? Yeah…

I write this blog but it often feels like it’s a notebook to myself…which is fine I guess but slightly less than thrilling.

I have made illustrations and stuff but nobody seems to care. I guess it wasn’t good enough or something. I don’t know.  I won’t even know because nobody cares.

I once made an animated ecard (yeah, frame by frame animation) and pretty much nobody replied. Fine then. I don’t care that you don’t care what I do. Needless to say, the didn’ t get any more animation after that.

Why bother sending cards in general anyway if nobody cares? If they don’t care about a handmade animated card, they are  not going to care any mass-produced card either.

Can you hear the crickets here?

I know my sites get probably under 100 views per month and half of them are probably me. People sometimes visit my blog just to humour me and to say they saw it. But besides that? I’m not all too convinced that anybody cares…my feed subscribers are like…zero (okay one – ME) and well as my mailist.

Hello anybody out there? I think I can hear the croaking now too.  I think we’re by a swamp!

Maybe I need to get some friends (who care) or something. I don’t know.

Is there anybody out there? Does anyone care?

Whatever. I usually do these things for myself anyway… but if someone cared it would be nice.

Carry on, don’t pay any attention to me…I feel like Eeyore.