Apologies for the lack of content but I just have to write something. Anything. Just something. I’m currently in the post-midterm slump (I’m done midterms so I’m lazy now!).

Midterms are done. It’s getting colder. Soon my birthday will come. Be past. Another year older. Another year of nothingness.

Every year, every day feels the same. Almost. I try to take note of the changing seasons, embrace its beauty and breathe its essence deeply.  But the ricocheting between walls is distracting. I feel like I’m going nowhere yet, still a slave to time.

I do have several creative projects I want to do and hopefully I’ll actually do them. It’s my only measure of somethingness right now, well – between the midterms and the essays and the grades. Why? Because it doesn’t seem like I’m good at anything else. I do wonder if I’m ever good at anything, really…

But what do I want do to do? What do I actually want to do?

I don’t know. I’m not sure if I’ll ever know.

For now my creative projects will be

  1. Writing here
  2. Making motion poetry films/animations (Cinematic and Kinetic poetry)
  3. Writing for the Peak and perhaps other things

And yeah that’s about it. Maybe I’ll redesign my website (again). We’ll see. Maybe I’ll look into getting some actual hosting…we’ll see.

Anyway, I have nothing to say right now but I am writing poems for and I have shot some footage for a video that I’ll hopefully edit before the winter is over (assuming my computer doesn’t die doing that).

That’s all I have to say.