I made a FocusWriter theme! (Well, I put together it anyway).  This free theme is for FocusWriter. It is a free distraction-reduced writing program (note: dictionary downloads are now separate) and awesome. 😉 Works for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Futuristic theme for FocusWriter.

I was working on two technology-related (well, okay one was science/technology) articles so I used this to write it (some ambient/electronica music also helps with capturing the feel). I really like it actually. It has a nice technological/modern feel. Great for writing something with a touch of the future. Much better than MS Word in looks.

This has a dark background and light text.

It took me to find a font that will go well with it and still be readable. I finally found Electrolize that does reasonably well as a body text (most sci-fi/techno fonts are hard to read as body text!). I wanted something sort of “computery”, squarish but also modern (I didn’t really want a monospace font).

I have included the font with this download in .tff format since the font isn’t very common on font download sites and just to be nice. The font is also on Google Web Fonts.

Please install the font prior to importing the theme for the best results. (You may need to close FocusWriter and reopen it)

The zip file should include: .fwtz file, .tff file and an instructions.txt.

Download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pwqakyd777t8ddd/SpeedofModernity.zip


Font: Electrolize ( Google Web Fonts)
Photo: “Highway to Limassol at night” 1000 x 740 http://www.flickr.com/photos/nawyspie/7522687076/  (CC BY-NC-SA) – higher quality wallpaper can be found at InterfaceLift
Photo credit:  Tomasz Huczek