Loosely based on this…short piece I wrote about a month ago.

Not fully happy with it….it’s a bit…choppy/speedy at times and just lacks general grace. However I did finally discover the other camera tools (you have to press C in After Effects, not just right click like in Photoshop)…after I finished this video of course.  I’m learning!  But it’s ok I guess. It’s a bit better than my last video at least.

Text (if it’s bad, it’s because I wrote it on the fly)

I could see the streetlights shimmering
along the ground.
As if someone took the stars from the city night
and placed them onto the ground below.
Then there’s the streetlights in the sky.
I would ask, Why are there sometimes streetlights in the sky?
So, I would imagine…
That it was somewhere far away from this world.
Where innocence and imagination thrive.
Where everything belonged and yet was new to explore.
To dream. To believe. To imagine.
As the lights hovered in the night air, I knew that it was still a part of our world.
So I watch the city lights go by and I can?t help but think how mesmerizing their glow is.
As if day and night were linked but inherently separate from each other
as if they were different states of being