Okay, yes negative in this case has a double meaning (says my literature brain).

First of all, the world in inverted colours does look pretty cool eh? It looks so otherworldly. Now you can ponder about that. I was going to use “but” BUT then I heard this inner voice about “no ifs and buts” so I used however instead.

The other thing is that people often complain that I’m too negative  Okay, that is true. Sometimes, I am being unnecessarily negative ..but this is for good reason. It’s been to be negative than to be positive and then disappointed.

But sometimes, I am negative just to be snarky. And I find it WAY more amusing then I ever should…to the point that I’m pretty proud of that snarky comment I just wrote. Of course, a lot of people do not appreciate this and complain  Even though, if it was in a film or TV show or book or something they might find it funny. It’s the same kind of humour, really (unless I’m just bad at it which would explain why I’m failing).

I love snarky comments. It makes my day. Apparently it doesn’t make other people’s day and apparently I am “too sarcastic” (true story, someone told be that). But anyway…

I don’t have friends so I don’t have to worry about losing them due to snarky comments.

But maybe I should start contain them to writing scripts or something. I still think “for a person that claimed to be early, you sure are late…” is awesome.  Because it’s actually ironic, since I expected that since you made a big deal of your earliness you’ll be early and you’re not! Haha! I love the “never live it down” thing too. It’s hysterical to bug people about some thing they did!

Well, I think it’s funny.
I love sarcasm too. I don’t know why but I think it’s hysterical! Maybe it’s the juxtaposition and in some cases, irony of it all….

I just have a weird sense of humour. I do understand jokes. It’s just that you may not be able to understand my jokes. That okay. I’ll laugh at you and then be annoyed at you being annoyed at me.
I also don’t have any friends. For many reasons. This could be one of them, I’m not sure…
Never mind me…