Uranus is a sucky planet name. (Scientists have found a spot on Uranus…hahaha!). Herschel should have really just have called it George (the original name was Georgium Sidus) Seriously. So to make up for that Uranus has AWESOME moon names! (Well, to me anyway)

Their names are (ordered by name, not by location…it’s easier this way): Ariel, Umbriel, Belinda (Pope, Rape of the Lock), Titania, Oberon, Puck (Midsummer’s Night Dream), Miranda, Caliban, Sycorax, Prospero, Setebos, Stephano, Trinculo, Francisco, Ferdinand (The Tempest), Cordelia (King Lear), Ophelia (Hamlet), Bianca (The Taming of the Shrew), Cressida (Troilus and Cressida), Desdemona (Othello), Juliet, Mab (Romeo and Juliet), Portia (The Merchant of Venice), Rosalind (As You Like It), Margaret (Much Ado About Nothing), Perdita (The Winter’s Tale), Cupid (Timon of Athens)

All from Shakespeare except for Alexander Pope’s Rape of the Lock. Yes, there’s an Ariel in the Tempest too so I guess it does double duty (I think they are both very light sort of spiritual being anyway). Most moon names are named after various Gods or something but Uranus’ moons are the only ones named after literature. Herschel named the first moons Titania and Oberon, the logic being that a planet named for a God of the sky, it should have airy names for its moons. The naming trend has continued with the source material rather then airy spirits though.

I have just geeked out on moon names. Wow.