So previously I got locked out of my blog. (Said my username didn’t exist…even though I’m the only user and I’m the admin and it’s self hosted….). At the time I was also locked out of my hosting panel so I had no access to the database.

The Good News
I regained access to my hosting Cpanel today (finally after days not being able to access it…it is a free host so there’s not really any support per se…). After fiddling around in the wp_users table of my database my phpMyAdmin  (not a good place to play, really) with some Googling (even though my solution didn’t come from Google or the WordPress forums  it came from dumb logic…maybe I should change the user_login to my login), I finally got my login to work again. I have no idea what happened that made it stop working but now it works again! So we’re back in action and I don’t have to move right away!

I fixed it though! I ventured into the database and my blog didn’t break and I fixed it! Somehow. I’m pretty proud of myself.  (Considering my database management skills are kind of…nill.)

The Bad News
I can’t get my back up database (.sql) to work but that may be just me (the files may require some manual editing). It keeps bugging me about my comment tables and such with “#1046 – No database selected”. It seems to be a common problem but I am not versed enough (i.e. not at all) in PHP and MySQL to figure it out quickly.

Luckily there are other ways to restore a blog (though I would have to start with a new install…of everything…).