Right now, I have this blog as insanely willy-nilly personal rambling that I don’t think anyone reads but myself. I’m pretty sure no one reads it regularly but myself actually…

That’s all fine and good but I think there are a few things I should change

  • Redesign. This design is usuable but there are various unstyled bits because I was was too lazy (and I don’t necessarily know all the CSS classes/IDs in this template).  It will probably be a child themed twenty ten or eleven theme.  Parts of it also break at various plugin updates.
  • Split content a bit more – for rambling/literature and for tech/creative – I will probably just have both on the main page though
  • More photography
  • More art/visual poetry…whatever the hell that means
  • Featured image or thumbnail on most posts (after I redo my design…ha!)
  • Make some attempts at animation
  • I would love to get more…reliable hosting but I’m not sure if that’s gonna happen any time soon!
  • Finding a common topic/theme will be nice…