You’ll think that Google web fonts will work well in Google Chrome. Well, no. And it was WORSE before too!

In <h1> titles, at least with my font  (amaranth) – an ellipses (…) can make it revert to the fallback font.  If you have a comma, then the text on the other side of the comma that is not with the ellipses will display the webfont. Weird eh?

Firstly I don’t understand what’s with the “read more” link and why it seems to be doing its own font thing even though I’ve told it not to. (I’ll let it go for now).

Some fonts have weird issues

  • Arvo displays oddly on my WP site on chrome (it seems to insert 9s that overlap).
  • Alegreya displays oddly with italics in body text (and yes, that font does have a italic), making a huge space within the entire line, some sort parts reverting to the fallback font

This issues don’t seem to be in Firefox. (Or even, gasp, IE!) So it’s a chrome issue.

It’s still an improvement to about a year ago when google web fonts wouldn’t render clearly in Chrome.