Why lunge the horse, if you could just lounge on the horse? (Although if you’re doing both…do the former first!)

Horse Lounging
Me almost lying on Czar. Photo: September 2012. Taken by my mom. Edited by me

The photo is old (Sept 2012)  but I just edited the photo recently. I don’t have recent photos at this time (kind of hard to take photos of yourself on a horse!). Me lounging/cuddling on Czar, a 25-year old (at that time) Quarter horse that I’ve been riding for the past couple of years.

Okay, so it’s not quite lounging as I didn’t quite spry my legs across his back. But I’m not that brave  and it’s a bit of a way down! (About 16hh down…).  I also don’t really want to explain falling off from a standstill doing something stupid or did I want to fall off in front of my mom!

I have to say, I think I’m better at lounging on horses then lunging/longeing them! Ha! It was actually quite comfortable in the September sun. Any sports that involve using the horse as some sort of furniture?

I don’t do this bareback very often but I kind of like it better since you get to be so much closer to the horse.  I like the feeling of horsehair. It’s a bit slippery but it’s soo smooth.  I don’t ride bareback very often…and I’m not quite fit enough to do it, riding only weekly but if I rode more I might like to do more… you can really feel the movement.  And I’m so into feeling the horse beneath me.

(Okay, so I would probably be lounging in the dirt if he went kooky but he was chill. Or maybe I’ll just sit up and scoop my reins up. Or maybe I’ll have another crotch incident*….depends I guess.)

*once I was trotting another horse (named Red) bareback, I leaned forward, bounced and my crotch landed on his withers. That is so not recommended (and probably why cowboys don’t trot bareback that often).

I like the horse couch. I’m not the greatest rider or horse person but I’m good at lounging ON the horse. Ha!

Photo edited in Photoshop with a pen tablet.