Okay so I was lazy I didn’t feel like copying the same batch of photos and putting them on here. Besides, the WordPress gallery must be getting a bit boring now (is it? I can install another gallery plugin eventually if it so happens that I am posting a lot of galleries which I have seemed to be doing lately).

I finally got my adapter (Fotga CY – M4/3).  It does go a bit past infinity and the distance markings don’t seem very accurate but it works fine (to me). This is the 50mm F1.9 Yashica DSB Lens that I bought used for about $25 (total expense: about $32 including the adapter which is not bad for a lens).

It’s not that clear wide open but that also could be partly the photographer’s problem (still figuring out how to focus). Mostly I shot in aperture priority (camera decides shutter – which only worked sometimes I felt) and manual.  Most exposure mistakes are probably mine.

People on mobile/tablet or Flash haters: set is here to view on Flickr.

Here’s some crappy camera phone photos with my camera and the lens.



PS: Also apparently the andriod wordpress app doesn’t seem to work very well when it comes to publishing posts…or at least I couldn’t get it to (I wrote the post on the computer though and only used the app to post the last two images).