I don’t get it. The blog won’t show up on Chrome (yes, the latest version) on Windows XP. The backend, however still works (accessible only through the url and I can write drafts etc) but it will not load the blog itself for more than a few seconds before going “aw snap”. It’s not my server as my hand coded site works. I tried disabling plugins and that didn’t change anything.

It is possible it’s just that computer as it’s the only Windows XP computer at this time. But I tried playing with the firewall and still no go. The site works on the computer in Firefox just fine and and Internet Explorer 7 will load it – badly – but it will load it. But it won’t load in Chrome. Not just any Chrome – just that Chrome in XP and yes, it is updated.

It’s not completely validated but that is mostly due to WordPress doing things that I don’t know how to control and images without alt tags because I was too lazy to fill them  (to be honest).

I don’t get it. Hopefully, there’s not too many people that use Chrome on Windows XP (if it is a widespread issue) and if you are using Windows XP, please use  Firefox. ARRGGHH!!!  I don’t know what it’s doing that. I suppose I could try with a different theme but….we’ll see.