Better late than never.  I made this awhile ago!

I found this song one day. I’m not sure exactly how but I was scouring the internet (what else is new?) but I almost instantly related to it. It  was written for Hercules (1997) but cut. Now I’m not Hercules by a long shot (I’m so wimpy!) but I instantly related to the themes of unbelonging. It’s a very positive, perhaps even empowering song for those who don’t feel that they don’t belong with the comparison to a shooting star. I’m sort of surprised it’s not a hit on WrongPlanet (I lurk but I’m not currently a member) or something.

I’m always searching for a place to belong. I haven’t found it though…

I know the sync is a bit off…it was hard! Any tips? My first Kinetic Typography to audio. Somehow it’s slightly less bright and with a crappier quality than it was before (WTF? Same export settings, same file) but whatever….

Cut song from Hercules (1997). Performed by Boyzone (Stephen Gately). Lyrics by David Zippel and music by Alan Menken.

Known issues:
An “e” went funny…I don’t know what happened there. Too much of a pain to fix.
There is one small lyric segment wrong (a word/few words) since my source sucked..see if you can figure it out. Too much of a pain to fix.
I don’t know why the text is sorta blurry….they were vectors layers from illustrator…so I don’t know why? I think continuously rasterize was on too…..
I also don’t know how or why the text seems a bit darker…but it’s still ok I guess.

I might fix sync issues later.

After Effects and Illustrator CS3 with Premiere to use the Adobe Media Encoder. Also I couldn’t figure out to use the camera (most tutorials are for more recent versions) so I had to scale/rotate the element itself instead!