Dear #content and #contenttext of my site,

I’m not quite sure why you’re defiant, but I would really appreciate it if you would respond to my @media queries. You’re good on the desktop, you have moved to the appropriate place and  did everything appropriately and for the most part, behaved well for regular use. But that is less so it seems when it comes to the @media queries. Maybe I’ll saying everything wrong, I don’t know.

#contenttext, you are pretty well behaved except when it come to scaling text on mobile devices. Why are you so small in Dolphin HD and Firefox mobile? Why do you refuse nearly all my attempts to make you a bit bigger in mobile. Maybe we can blame the browsers but I don’t understand why you won’t get one little bit bigger, even though I’ve asked you in all sorts of ways with @media queries and in the regular CSS.

But #content please, know that

@media screen and (max-width: 600px){
#content {width:100%, margin: -3em}

means you have to get wilder and decrease the space between you and the viewport edge.  It does not mean that you do nothing. I know you’re ignoring me. I tried all sort of crazy things and you still wouldn’t obey. I even tried changing your background to red with background: red;  in the @media query to see if you will respond to my visually preposterous request and you didn’t do a thing. Not a single, stupid thing! I even tried to turn you into a class and that didn’t do anything! (I decided it wasn’t worth redoing).

The only thing you seem to obey is display: none;. Seriously? The only thing that you will obey is to disappear? That’s not enough.

#contenttext you are not to be ignored either. I guess you will go to whatever position I want you in, more or less but why won’t you do what I meant you to do, which was to control the text? I told you many times and in many whale to make the text bigger, even going as so far to font-size:200%; but did you respond to that @media query? No. Of course not. I resized the window, took a look at my phone in several Andriod-flavoured browsers. Did you make the text bigger? No. I tried px, pt, em, % and a bunch of scaling methods to no avail. Scale text, scale up on mobile!

I know you’re not listening to me. I know because when I try to change your colour in the @media query, you wouldn’t do it either!

I know all can do it. You all listen fine, for the most part, outside the @media query. So what’s the issue? Now okay, maybe I’m doing it all wrong. Maybe I’m not using @media queries right. You’re right that I’m probably abusing it beyond it’s original intentions but so is everyone else.   I understand this is all new and everyone, even you #content and #contenttext is somewhat confused at all this newness. Maybe I just don’t know what I’m doing.  Maybe I’m doing it all wrong.

Maybe all those Android browsers are to blame (I’m glaring at you Mr. Opera mobile…wouldn’t even display my font properly!) although the browser thing probably merits another letter altogether

Still, I really wish you two would be good and listen better, like #navigation. She’s not perfect either (and the slight horizontal scroll drives me crazy but it’s pretty minimal if shouldn’t exist on a widescreen)  but at least she mostly listens…


Postscript: I gave up trying to scale up the text and gave up trying to widen the content for mobile devices.  Also, somebody tell me that my code is all wrong. Also this is probably not as funny to someone who doesn’t understand CSS and that media queries thing but whatever.

Also driving me nuts is Android browsers in general but that’s another rant for another time…