Czar – encased in light from Jen on Vimeo.

I’ve known him for 7 years. I may not have ridden him during that time, but I know he was always there. But now, I’ve moved onto a school horse at another barn (same coach). I will miss him. I do miss him.

He’s 26-27 in the video (except for older stills). Footage from 2013 and Jan 2014. I don’t ride him anymore…I tried but he was still wasn’t sound enough.

This one is different as it’s not a riding video! (I don’t have much riding footage anyway…no one to take it!) Last year (and this year) I spent some time taking some footage of him mostly loose.

Attempted colour grading/colour correction by me. I don’t really know what I’m doing (was going for something warm though) and my current version of Premiere is very old (CS3) so I couldn’t find effect presets for it.