Ok, I will admit it. I cannot let things go. Things that annoy me that is or just conflict in general.

It just sit there and irks me until….it stops I guess. I seem to just hang onto mistakes and am seemingly unable to let the damn thing go. It’s hard to let things go and if the other person doesn’t let it go, then it will just linger there. Awkwardly.

It gets stuck in my head. I cannot seem to forget it. I’m likely if I can think about anything else.

I am also terrible at arguments. I seem to lose them all and just be incredibly peeved after.

It’s like my head is a giant catch-all or something.

I’m still feeling awkward about the giant explosion I had with my then-employment agency two months ago!

How do you forget? It’s like unseeing something. Or unreading something. Or unthinking something. It’s rather hard!