This image above was taken by my trusty Olympus PEN (E-PM1). An older (2011) and lowest end of that line of cameras. But evidently still better than phones…

They were taken at approx the same time (between 9:20-9:30pm)  but on different days (July 26 and 29).

Nexus 4 with Camera FV-5 Lite. The teeny output of the lite version doesn’t help much either.  I assure you that this WILL NOT replace your DSLR  😉  or any other respectable camera, really…

Nexus 4 with Google Camera or Open Camera (can’t remember), trying desperately to not focus on the stupid mesh

Do I need a full frame camera? No. Nor do I want one (they tend to be….heavy I would think).  Do I think the only camera people should use is a DSLR or some expensive point and shoot (like the Sony RX100) nope.  But I think phones just don’t cut it for all photography needs for me. Not even close.

Phone cameras are ok in daylight with subjects that are not too fast moving.  Anything more than that becomes more challenging. Which is why my Instagram is full of things that don’t move much….plants, landscapes and horses not in motion. I also find touching the screen finicky – yes, you can use the volume buttons (and/or power buttons…sometimes volume is zoom I think) depending on your set up that you may or may not know about  but it’s not quite as satisfying as a real shutter button…. Most of my phone photos are just for Instagram anyway which sometimes look okay (maybe even a bit good) on the phone and HORRIBLE on the computer! Although sometimes it looks good on both (usually the minimally proceed ones, of course)…but not always.

While I’m complaining, I’m also peeved at whoever stole the jennego username for Instagram. You’re not even using it! (There’s literally one photo of some asian guy with too many peace signs on it). And even if you are, just use whatever username you normally use (unless you just use sites that I never use, it’s probably not jennego…). SO GIVE IT TO ME!! I was so peeved that it took me a while to use Instagram since SOMEONE “STOLE” MY USERNAME!!! (Hence thejennego).  I remain peeved. It’s MY username, MY handle. (When your name is Jennifer or Jen – yeah that’s not going to fly as any online name…you and way more than 27 Jennifers…) but fortunately  I had the foresight as a 3-year old  (couldn’t say Jennifer so Jennego it was!) to give myself a proper online name.  And yes, Jennego is permanently misspelled. Thank you, dad!

Well, that got a bit out of hand…so anyway….

Oh and my camera body, kit lens, zoom lens and cheapo manual lens still come like half (or less) of a Sony RX100 IV – the latest one (extremely expensive but high quailty small point and shoot).  I don’t quite understand the uber expensive point and shoots but to each their own.  My camera (which is even cheaper now) was one of the cheapest of it’s kind at the time (2013) and it’s purple! Hey, no other interchangeable lens camera is purple! (Aside from the colourful pentaxes…)