Oh yes I have. Since oh. Basically since 2015. For like you know, four years.

I have always been terrible with any sort of diary thing, since I was like seven. I have notebooks, intended to be dairies that start on January 1 and might go for another day or so but then abruptly end. I used to keep a riding log. That too eventually fell by the wayside.

So here we are, like four years later.

I am now on an island. A big island mind you, but now on an island. I have left Vancouver – where I was born, grew up and lived – until a year ago.

In Sept 2016, I started leasing a little standardbred named Mini in Delta/Surrey. But I never could get her to canter well and she didn’t seem that sound. In Feb 2017, I started riding a young Quarter Horse/Tennessee Walker. He was five at the time, with little English experience. At one point our gas button stopped working altogether but somehow we eventually became a half-decent pairing.

I finished a coding bootcamp with CodeCore in 2017. At the same time, I suddenly went into a no speaking relationship with my worker. Eventually, I got a scholarship for the 12 week bootcamp. 12 weeks of insanity. Wondering if I actually got it, if I had just become addicted to StackOverflow (It’s probably a bit of both things). Although I didn’t learn PHP, I did learn JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Express, Node, Git and how to use the bash command line. Wouldn’t it be funny if you handed a kid a laptop or tablet but it just ran on command line?

In 2018, I moved to Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. I now part lease a pony. Yes, a PONY. She makes it known too. Chocolate Pony.

My world has charged considerably. From big town Vancouver to small town Duncan/Ladysmith. Photography has taken a bit of a back seat but it occasionally reappears.

I guess this might become a travel blog soon because I am going to my first overseas trip to Hong Kong in a few weeks.