This is what happens when you combine a writer/poet with digital geekery and multimedia. I like poetry (except when I have to study it). I like multimedia and interactive geekery so I thought this would be the perfect fit! It’s not always poetry necessarily as I write prose too.

What’s digital poetry/literature? Ask Wikipedia that.

I’m very new to the genre and unlike most, this is a one-person project – I don’t do collaborations at this time. I typically do everything but the music if music is included.  Anyway, so it might suck (I would love to know HOW it sucks though).

In the future, I would like to eventually submit my work (and have it accepted!) to appropriate contests/festivals/journals or whatever that showcases these (offbeat, experimental) genres of literature, film/motion picture and interactivity. I am also currently fascinated with web documentaries.

Motion Poetry (video/animation, non-interactive)

Some of my videos are more visual-based while others are more typography based. A lot of it is admittedly poetic rambling. I’m currently using Vimeo for videos on this page (mostly because it allows me to fix and re-upload my work without screwing everything up…) although I upload to Youtube as well.

The Moon Knows Solitude
[Kinetic Type animation, very roughly iambic pentameter I think/2013]

Streetlights in the Sky
[HD video, just rambling/2012]

Motion Poetry – The Red and Gold
[HD video, free-verse/2012]

Interactive Poetry

Let’s just say I have ideas. (Whether or not they are good ideas are a different story).

Coming Soon (2013 maybe?). Title TBA [hypertext, free-verse or maybe even blank verse narratives using popup/hover tooltips…that’s my idea anyway]