These are writings that either have been published or otherwise were prepared for publication and/or contest submission.

An strong reader from a young age, I was soon enchanted by writing as I realized that I too can make words sound like the way they do in the books I read. Once I switched to a keyboard (I never really liked the physical act of writing much among other things), my interest in writing deepened, for now it was even easier to get words on pages.

I have an English major (and a history minor) at Simon Fraser University (2013) with a background in English-language literature (mostly Canadian and British lit) and some rhetoric (not really classic rhetoric though).  In high school, I also enjoyed creative writing and I hope to get back to that as well.

I love the rhythm and eloquence of words.

In particular, I focus on poetry and creative non-fiction. I also occasionally dabble in (prose) fiction.

You can also find some creative non-fiction and poetry throughout my blog posts (when I write them, that is).

I don’t know if I will write professionally (probably in copywriting or technical writing), but I do intend to write (and hopefully publish) creative non-fiction and poetry as a hobby or side job.


Elementary Students Help Tupper [Secondary] Students Find Their Inner Child
Written in grade 11. Originally Published in Youthink Magazine June 2006 “Summer Issue”,  p6.

The Peak

The Peak is the student newspaper of Simon Fraser University.


This was published in Youthink Magazine, September 2006 , p16.

Free verse. Written 2008. Received Honorary Mention, 16-18 divison, Pacific and Prairie Horse-of-My-Heart Poetry Contest 2008.  (Was published online briefly)

More writing hopefully coming soon!

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