Metamorphosis poem as it appeared in Youthink in 2006.

So cold, damp and gray
a rain-drenched, chilling winter’s day
oh, how the weather’s so dreary
as I’m standing here in a mud puddle so weary

Bare trees stand, trembling in the freezing breeze
dull skeletons in the cold
hiding a treasure as it rests, fast asleep
and until the warm rays come, it’s a secret it’ll keep

The air grows warmer, buds appear
and the cycle continues, renewing each year
embraced by the spring air so sweet
as the songbirds overhead chitter in a lively tweet

With the breeze, trees dance with their blossoms
drifting gently in soft, sweet cascades below
gently shaking crowning gowns of pastel petals
sweetening the air wherever they may settle

From a branch, a once-helpless fledging jumps out of a nest
spreading its tiny wings, for it’s ready for a test
And in the leaves of trees, once a caterpillar
a colourful butterfly stretches its newfound wings into the zephyr

Now again life is reborn
a seemingly endless cycle of nature and time
full of life and love in this joyous renewal
of the world that once seemed forlorn

The cycle of life continues as if was to circle forever
as spring soon spouts into summer


This was published in Youthink Magazine, September 2006 (v.9, n.1, p16) in the “Creative” section with the formatting basically thrown out the window. Originally written and submitted for Writing 12 that I took in grade 11.