I saw a vision, as if a dream
with hooves this mighty creature had,
the convergence of all elements of earth
framed by mane and tail flying
in the wind

And yet by some fate
my heart bonded with this might
Not a mere “beast” as some will say
and when I looked into his eyes
I knew I was right

In his eyes, I saw
no judgment, no hatred, no greed
and for once it did not matter
who you are or what you did
and your problems take little heed

And when I climb onto his back
and together we are more
then we could ever be alone
and together, fur for feather
we can soar
unbounded from earthly limits

So I hold him close
so sturdy, so soft, so comforting
hearing that content, sighing sound
blowing softly in my ear
in a gentle whisper


Written 2008.
Received Honorary Mention, 16-18 divison, Pacific and Prairie Horse-of-My-Heart Poetry Contest 2008.